Helen Wirt is an unbelievable woman.She turns home into hospice to take care of over 250 dogs at once

Helen Wirt is an unbelievable woman with the kindest heart and generosity. She dedicated her life to saving dogs who need her help.

It all started when the woman lost her father in 1997 and got divorced. At that time her life entered a dog named Baldwin that changed her future completely.

The kind woman namer her house in San Ramon, Costa Rica, ‘Dogland,’ and started to bring stray dogs. She cared for them, fed them, took to the veterinary clinic, vaccinated and the most important thing she gave them great love.

With the years the team got bigger and Wirt wasn’t alone in caring for these dogs but her volunteers also do everything the dogs need just to make their life a bit better.

She isn’t a wealthy woman and there are many costs for these dogs but she still doensn’t give up and continues her devoted work. Once Wirt told the Dodo.

“What I am doing is just a drop in the bucket. I cannot change the world, but on the other hand, the world is changing for the dog I can help. In this sense, it is worth everything.”

Till today the “Dogland” has become home for more than 250 dogs.

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