A young girl suffers from uncombable hair syndrome. what is this?

A young girl with uncombable hair syndrome has been ‘constantly’ compared to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Emilia Naylor, three, suffers from uncombable hair syndrome (UHS), which causes dry, brittle hair that cannot be flattened, WebMD reports.

Her mum, Claire Maxfield, 33, initially tried to tame her toddler’s hair, but it was little use, and it wasn’t long before people compared her to the likes of Boris Johnson and Albert Einstein.

Mum-of-three Claire said: «When Emilia was born, she had a full head of brown hair which seemed quite healthy.

«But at six weeks, we started to notice that her hair was falling out in clumps, and that it was growing back as this white sort of baby chick type fluff.

«We passed it off as baby hairs at first, thinking that she would grow out of it.

«It was only when a friend mentioned that Emilia looked as though she had uncombable hair syndrome that I first found out what it was.

«I ended up googling it, and comparing pictures with Emilia’s hair, and ended up being certain that she had UHS.

«We took her to the doctors, and they referred us to a dermatologist who finally saw her at the beginning of 2020.

«They officially diagnosed her with UHS and recommended lots of different remedies in order to treat it.»

As well as getting compared to Boris Johnson and even Donald Trump, Claire said that strangers want to touch the toddler’s hair too.

Claire adds: «We can’t go anywhere without being stopped by adults and kids alike asking why her hair is the way it is.

«They’ll either want to touch it or will make comments saying that she looks like a mini-Einstein, or Donald Trump.

«Some even say her hair looks like a wig, which I guess it kind of does sometimes!

«Others will ask if I’ve crimped it because it’s so naturally wavy, and the texture makes it look styled.

«We’ve never really had any bad comments except for some rude teens saying that she looked a mess which I soon nipped in the bud.

«Her nursery friends are the best, they’ve all been so lovely about it, and will always comment on how amazing her hair looks when I drop her off.

«Family and friends were quite shocked at first, but they know how to look after her hair, and have come to love her wild frizz.»

While Emilia’s mum has tried a number of complex solutions in a bid to tame her hair, none of them have been successful.

She said: «I’ve tried everything from argan oil-based hair products, leave-in hair masks and soft brushes.

«Her hair has fallen out or she’s been in pain from all of them.

«I’ve actually found that the best way to care for her hair is to use coconut oil-based shampoo and conditioner, and to wash her hair just twice a week.»

Uncomable hair syndrome typically manifests itself before the age of three, however, there have been instances of children developing it when they are as old as 12.

Claire said that she would love to style her daughter’s hair in different ways, she has been told that she might get the chance down the line.

She explained: «Her dermatologist said that in some cases, UHS sufferers grow out of it in puberty and their hair starts to tame.

«I’m hoping that it happens for her so she can have fun styling her hair and be all girly with it.»

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