The most beautiful twin babies in the world have started a modeling business

Ava and Lea Clements who were born on July 7, 2010 are twin girls. Naturally, for their parents Keivin and Jacky, they were the best and most beautiful children in the world. But strangers also noticed their beauty and made admiring comments․

Of course, the girls inherited their beauty from their parents: from tall and lanky father, Kevin, who was once a swimming coach and a green-eyed mother, who is also a beautiful woman․The sisters also have an older brother, 12-year-old Chase, who is also a handsome teenager․ Friends and relatives always recommended taking children to a modeling agency.

But the mother was never in a hurry, saying that there was still time, let the children grow up and then it will be clear what they want. When the girls turned seven, their mother told them about the idea․ It was not at all surprising to Jacky that the girls started jumping for joy as soon as they heard about the modeling business. Since childhood, they were always in the center of people’s attention․

The older brother Chase also wanted to act as a model․ All of them are now successfully appearing in various shows and filming․ The mother opened a social media account for the twins,and it has more than 1 million followers. The family has decided to create its own brand, but has not yet revealed for what product․ Only one thing is clear, there will be any sign depicting girls on the brand․

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