The policeman saved a sick bear stuck on the road by risking his life

New Hampshire is home to 5,000 bears and is also considered a special forest home for bears called White Mountain National Park.

One day a policeman, Thomas Owens noticed a mother bear and four cubs running around on the road and realized that they needed help. He was looking at the bears and noticed that the mother was trying to keep one of the cubs standing and get the others out of the way.

But the little one seemed to refuse to walk and stayed in the middle of the road․ The bear fish could barely keep its balance, he was too weak. The mother pushed the other cubs away from the road, and the sick cub remained on the road. When the policeman Owens saw this, he tried to help the bear and called New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife.

However, the policeman was a little alarmed, because if the mother came back and thought that they wanted to harm her and the cub, everything could be bad.

After all, he managed to get the cub to the rehabilitation center and take a photo with him. Later it was found out that the bear also had another sick cub, which she left behind.

The rehabilitation workers found and treated him as well. He will also recover soon and return to his mother and siblings.

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