How schoolgirl became an adopted mom for a baby donkey

Payton Dankworth would never have imagined that one day she would become an adoptive parent for an animal, even for a donkey, but in fact it happened and the girl is now very happy about that. One day the girl received a call from one of her friends who said that she had met a donkey who was abandoned and hungry. As the girl’s friend could not take care of the donkey himself, asked Payton to help him.

She also remembers that that call changed her mood and since she is a big animal lover, she could not be indifferent and not save the life of the baby donkey. The first night was the hardest.

The Texas girl stayed up all night to hug and feed the exhausted animal. Soon, they became very good friends, and the donkey named Jack found his comfortable place.

The girl admits that she held a donkey for the first time․ Donkey grew stronger over time.

Dankworth fed him with milk every two hours and said that she felt happiness after every feeding․ “I was proving to myself that I am a good mother”, says the girl with a smile․ Weeks after being rescued, the kitten is quite lively and follows its owner everywhere․

“He is a full member of the family,” says Dankworth. Although the family didn’t think that they would ever have a donkey, they have enough space to shelter the animal for the rest of its life.

The interesting thing is that not only the girl changed the donkey’s life, but also Jack the donkey helped her decide on a profession. Payton Dankworth decided to choose a profession that can save the lives of animals․

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