57 years old model attracts followers attention

Grace Ghanem is 57 years old. However, she is not going to look like an old woman. Despite the gray hair, even this hairstyle gives her style.

Grace lived in Lebanon until 2005, but because of the situation in the country, she moved to Canada with her little daughter in her arms.

There she could not find a job in her specialty as a personal trainer. She is fine with her figure. She then began blogging on social media. Now she has almost 900 thousand subscribers.“Styling or clothing for me is an art form where I can freely express myself in my true form. It makes me happy!

Clothing makes me feel beautiful, gives strength and joy, especially when I feel worse,” says Grace. Grace admits that she is very sorry that there are so few models in the fashion industry who are over 40.

She hopes that in the future there will be more people of her age who dress stylishly and are not afraid to express themselves. Grace selects all images herself.

She does not follow trends, but wears what she likes.

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