A man noticed a strange «dance» of snakes in the forest

While walking through the forest, a US resident noticed how two snakes intertwined in a «dance» — and immediately filmed this unusual action. It turned out that this is not just a dance, but a whole combat ritual in the struggle for the attention of the female.

It turned out to be two male striped rattlesnakes. These snakes are considered endangered in these parts, so, according to the man, he immediately made a video to be believed. «These are two males in a battle dance. In this way they show their dominance to impress the nearest female.

None of them were hurt. One male just crawled to the side after about 20 minutes,» said the author of the video, Nick Engler․ To see such a «dance» is a rarity, and the man was lucky to become his accidental witness. However, striped rattlesnakes are dangerous — their venom causes severe poisoning, which can lead to death in some cases. Usually they are not aggressive and quite modest, but you should not provoke them.

The length of these snakes is 1.5-1.9 meters. They live in the eastern United States, and feed mainly on amphibians, rodents, and birds.

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