17 Kittens that prove you can grow from a little kid into a beautiful royal cat

In the social network VKontakte there is a whole group dedicated to the maturation of seals, which is called «The cat is growing.»

In it, the owners post photos of their pets to demonstrate the entire transformation process and tell the story of the appearance of their pet. Time runs so fast that it is simply impossible to follow or keep up with it. This is especially true for owners of small cats.

So you just brought home a small, defenseless lump, surrounded him with care and warmth, and after a short period of time an adult, impudent and fluffy muzzle is already sitting in front of you, for which no rules are written. How could this happen? Magic, you can’t say otherwise. One of the owners wrote. “I took her when she was a month and a half old, took her to Avito, dad hesitated for a long time whether to take or not to take, because he thought it was a guinea pig, when the kitten came home, we all became one family, now Sonechka is one and a half years old”

Another one posted a photo with the comment “In these eyes, you can just drown. How can such beauty be denied pets and sweets?”.

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