How a bear welcomes spring

Quite a lot is known about the life of a predator, but very interesting facts about it are associated with its spring awakening. When nature wakes up, the bears wake up in their lairs. Predators roam around the rookery for a couple of days, and then go in search of provisions. Is it a joke not to eat all winter? After this, you can look at the elk, and the roe deer, and the frog with gastronomic interest.

This is what bears do. But due to spring hunger, a powerful clubfoot can eat both dust and construction debris. Rather fill an empty stomach! Spring is the season of love. The “young lady” of a bear can bring offspring twice a year, but the most intense mating games occur with animals in May.

Females mark their home territory with a special bear secret, which is why males arrange fights. «Dad-bear» prefers to retire immediately after the next «wedding», he does not bring up his offspring. The bear will not see any news from him, no letter, no bear alimony.

She copes with cubs until they reach 3-4 years. Bears are not afraid of bee stings, which is why they so easily ruin wild hives in the spring. Honey is not the basis of the clubfoot diet, but when the animal is hungry, then a sweet treat can be a good help for survival.

An adult is able to smell honey several kilometers from its location. When a bear finds a hollow, it easily brushes off the insects, ruining the bee’s penates to the ground. Bears become ferocious in 3 periods of time: during the period of mating games, if they accidentally woke up in winter (those same connecting rods), as well as in early spring on a starvation diet. At this time, do not disturb the peace of the keeper of the forest.

They say that when you meet a bear, you need to shout loudly and make noise, but all this is a “game of luck”. Bears reach speeds of up to 40 km per hour and are excellent tree climbers, and they are also excellent swimmers. In calmer periods, clubfoot is not interested in bipeds. Too strange a person looks and behaves for them!

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