Heartfelt Moment: Mama deer rescues fawn frozen in fear on road.VIDEO

This is a very touching moment; a mother’s love knows no bounds!

Jessie Larson was driving on the freeway in Port Orchard, Washington, when she came across a terrified fawn who wouldn’t cross the street alone. The baby deer was tiny and shivering on the ground.

The mother deer appeared just as she was about to get out of the car and assist the little fawn. The mother deer approached her baby with caution; it appeared to be scared. When Jessie spotted the deer, she immediately turned off the car’s engine so the deer wouldn’t be scared.

The mother deer approached her cub gradually, and the loving deer began to cuddle the befuddled baby deer to boost its confidence. The child then stood up and the two went to the forest together. The woman’s heart was warmed by this warm sight!

The sight of a tiny baby deer chasing after its mother is simply adorable!!!

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