Claire Crosby sings “Silent Night” and melts millions of hearts with her sweet voice. VIDEO

Talent is a wonderful thing. Some people are born with talent and can play instruments much more easily than ordinary people. Overall, it’s fantastic to see natural talents emerge and flourish.

Claire Crosby is a natural performer whose performances touch the hearts of millions.

Claire Crosby was only two years old when her parents discovered her at the piano, trying to play and sing. Claire, nicknamed “Tiny Little Claire,” has become a YouTube sensation. Claire Crosby also has her own Instagram account.

The bright toddler has over 50 million views on YouTube and has already starred in a movie and twice on the Ellen DeGeneres program. Claire is undeniably a rising star, and the whole world is eager to see her develop and flourish.

When asked why she likes to sing, the pretty girl’s answer is as beautiful as her pure voice. Claire Crosby performs Silent Night.

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