The Cat Returned to the Flaming House Five Times to Take out All Five of Her Kittens

What kind of miracle motherly love is! Many mothers are ready to do anything for their children. This applies not only to humans, but also to animals.

We have a very touching story to share with you of how a cat returned to a burning house five times to take out all five of her kittens risking her life.

This story took place in one of the abandoned garages in New York where started fire. The firefighters arrived on time, but during the putting out of the fire, one of them saw a stray cat returning several times to the burning garage and pulling out her little kittens one by one. One fireman saw a cat dragging a kitten between her teeth. She carried the cub away from the fire and again returned to it . The mother cat burned her eyes, ears and face, but pulled all the kittens out of the flaming building. She could only pull them out one at a time, so she was forced to return to the burning and smoky garage 5 times. When the cat carried the last cub out of the flames and made sure that everyone was saved, she fell unconscious.

One of the firefighters brought the cat to the veterinary clinic and fortunately she was rescued. The New York Post published an article about the heroic cat and there were many people who wanted to help the catties. The kittens were disassembled in a short time and their mother was taken by a woman named Karen Wellen.

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