The most attentive nurse promised to take care of the cute chihuahua, after her patient’s passing away

Meet Kimberly Still, a kindhearted Georgian nurse, who did everything for her dying patient, and also, could not stay indifferent towards her lovely pet.

As the poor animal had no one in the world, but his decedent owner, Smith decided to help the cutie pie, not to be dropped to a shelter.

Once, Kimberly visited her patient’s family, when she met the cutest Jax, whom the patient loved and cherished the most.

Unluckily, after her death, Jax might be dropped in a shelter, because there was no one, who would keep him.

So the kind girl decided and rush to bring Jax to her home.

At first, she intended to find a good family for the tiny friend. But, soon, she realized, that she would lose a treasure.

She felt a very tight bond to this tiny adorable creature, with whom she should share her company.

Besides, the last wish of her patient was to find someone who would cherish her beloved Jax.

So, she promised, then, to take care of the cutie pie till the last day of his life.

Smith brought the cute pet to her home. Luckily, her family members also liked, and got on with Jax well, and soon they became a loving and inseparable friends for life.

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