Mom of identical twins always hides one of them. Why is she doing this? Her honest confession will surprise many!

The unusual confession was made by Australian Jess Nal, who has four children, including 2-week-old twins. She is forced to constantly hide one of the twins while walking around the city. Jess even redesigned the stroller so that one baby would not be visible to others. So why is she doing this?

It turns out that the young mother is confused by the numerous and sometimes tactless questions of passers-by, from which she is very tired. Surrounding, as soon as they notice her lovely twins, they immediately begin their inappropriate questions.“Oh, are they identical?”, “It must be hard for you to deal with twins?”, “Which of them do you love more?”, “Are you breastfeeding?” – a mother of many children has to listen to all this every day.

Of course, Jess is not against the attention of passers-by, but everything should be in moderation.

Jess also admitted that communicating with passers-by takes her much more energy than the chores with 4 children. That is why she redesigned the stroller so that only one child was visible to passers-by during the walk. In addition, for greater “secrecy” Jess covers one crumb with a thin cloth. It looks like there is only one baby in the stroller.

This cunning device has already helped a young mother to get rid of the obsessive attention of passers-by, which she is very happy about. Finally, Jess can safely go on business with the little one and not be afraid that she will again be loaded with tactless questions and advice.

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