82-year-old woman does her best to help stray animals. She donates part of her pension to help animal shelters

Many people are not indifferent to stray animals, but do not have the opportunity to bring everyone home.

A resident thought of something good to help them.

Raisa Georgina is an 82 year old retired grandmother who does her best to help stray animals. He has been a volunteer for over 20 years.

It helps to improve the living conditions of animals, feeds them. He started to sew sofas.

Now, thanks to him, many animals have a cozy place to sleep. She has a place in the refuge where she sews sofas, makes coins, etc.

In addition to sewing, it feeds on cats and dogs.

He says he has loved animals since he was a child and has thought of many ways to someday help them.

“I don’t care how much money I spend on them.

Of course, I can’t go out with them all day because I don’t have enough strength, but I can help them to a certain extent, providing them with a place to sleep».

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