What a girl adopted by a man 20 years ago looks like… This is a story about how one photo can change the fate of two people.

This incredible story is about how one photo can change the fate of two people. American photographer John Carrey takes unique pictures while traveling around the world and then sells them. This amazing story happened to him about 20 years ago when he traveled through Africa and visited one of the poorest countries in Somalia.

When he walked the local streets and took pictures of everything that aroused his interest, he noticed a girl sitting on the ground and took a picture of her. After John decided to give the picture to the girl’s parents because he really liked it.

He was never able to find the baby’s parents, people told him that the girl had been living alone for a long time, and no one had seen mom and dad for a long time. This saddened Carrie so much that he decided to adopt the girl at all costs.

He was not even afraid of the difficulties associated with the long paperwork. And yet, John was able not only to take the girl to the USA but also to save the baby from hunger and give her a happy life. Since then, 20 years have passed. The girl grew up and turned into a real beauty.

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