Grandma saved a little wolf cub, and he repaid her after 2 years. Only because of the wolf nothing bad happened to her

Wild animals, like pets, do not forget what a good thing happened in their lives. They remember for many years how they escaped from difficulties. This is what our story is about.

A single grandmother lived in a remote village. The settlement was small, with only twelve huts. Civilization did not reach those parts, the locals had to heat their houses with fuel, which they collected in the summer. Our heroine, like all newcomers, went to the forest every day and brought heavy bundles of fuel from there.

One day, as usual, Grandma went to collect fuel. When he saw a dry tree, he began to break branches. At that moment the woman heard someone seem to be crying. Not far away he saw a wolf cub lying in a trap. The grandmother took pity on the child, helped him get out of the trap, and then went to do his job, and the poor wolf cub, lame, followed him. The grandmother could not leave the sick wolf cub there and took it with her.

At home, he first bandaged the baby’s paw and then tried to feed it. The baby lived with him for about two months, until he was completely healed. The woman was very attached to the little predator, but she knew she had to go back to the wild, so she took him to the place where he had found him.

Two years have passed since this story, and one winter grandmother went to the forest to collect some fuel. There he suddenly lost consciousness and fell. When she opened her eyes, she found several puppies waving at her with her dog. But then grandmother realised it was a wolf along with her cubs.The woman was afraid and screamed, and the predators left her at that time and quietly entered the forest. He realized that it was his rescued young puppy, only to grow up noticeably.

So the predator was able to thank her grandmother for her goodness. Only because of the wolf, the woman didn’t freeze, left unconscious, and nothing bad happened to her.

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