The owner slept in the vet clinic to be with the dog for his last hours. There was almost no hope of hearing good news, but the dog came round

The owner slept in the vet clinic to be with the dog for his last hours, but the dog came round

This extraordinary and amazing story happened a few days ago. The owner of one of our former dogs, Tanya, called me at midnight. The pirate, his half-asleep old dog, needed urgent help and treatment. He could not find a clinic that would agree to admit them at night.

We found a clinic and a doctor who agreed to come and examine the animal. When Tanya brought the dog, it became clear that he could barely move his paws.

The dog had a high fever and was trembling. Together with Tanya and Pirat, one of the volunteers went to the clinic to introduce and reassure the girl to the doctor, as the animal was in a very serious and frightening condition.

The doctors immediately started giving first aid to the dog, they examined him. The doctors’ conclusions were not so inspiring and positive. The dog has a large neoplasm, most likely cancer. Given the location and structure of the tumor, it was clear that it would not be easy to resist. The pirate’s condition worsened the prognosis – with age the dog’s heart began to weaken, which meant that his dog’s chances of survival after surgery were very low. If all else fails, the dog will only have a few days to live.

The choice was very difficult – to leave everything to chance, which meant losing the Pirate, but the operation was only a seeming chance of success. After long deliberations and conversations with the doctor, they decided to operate, immediately agreeing that we could pay for the work of the veterinarians a little later.

He saw a small bed for visitors in the corridor of Tanya Hospital and decided not to leave his friend and stay there even during the operation. He spent the night in the clinic, realizing that he simply would not have time to say goodbye to home if something went wrong.

Calling the clinic in the morning was very frightening and suspicious, the probability that everything was going well was so small that there was almost no hope of hearing good news. What was said in the clinic was the best news of the day. It turned out that the doctors were real witches, and Pirates had not only been operated on, but he had already woken up. All that was left was to wait for the histology and hope that the stock of miracles is not yet exhausted and we will hear better news from the doctors.

Tanya also could not believe how lucky she and the Pirate were. She cried for joy and planned to return home with her pet. It was terrible to plan all this in advance, because the veterinarians did not make any positive predictions about the surgery.

Two days later, the doctor announced that the crisis was over and everything was fine. The pirates lie more and more, but the forces slowly began to recover and the chances of going home were very high, especially since the blind dog Sioma was waiting impatiently for his friend and his master.

The pirates were still in the hospital, but spared no effort to be able to return home as soon as possible.

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