You will be surprised when the child’s parents decided to give him whipped cream for the first time. VIDEO

New tastings are always unpredictable and no one will ever be what awaits them. And this phenomenon is more and more obvious when the tasters are babies and even more the products differ in their specific tastes.

It is not difficult at all to contemplate children with funny and why not entertaining faces conditioned by taste surprises. Babies are endowed with infinite honesty, innocence and that is why they cannot hide their emotions. About the parents, they seek to seize every moment to maintain the delicious memories of baby’s childhood.
A similar experience took place recently in the United States when young parents decided to experiment with their toddler by giving him whipped cream whose taste was completely unknown and a little bit strange.

The thought had come from seeing another family who kept a blog whose main content was about children’s reactions to different situations. So, it was an interesting occasion that brought thousands of views on the Web.
The hero filmed is called Vincenzo who is still 8 months old but he benefits from the reputation thanks to the creativity of his parents.

They put the cream in front of their child and waited for his initiative to try the very new product. After a few seconds we noticed his funny face which delighted their parents and then Internet users. The parent’s mouse helped him back up the moment of surprise and he started giggling.

Now Vincenzo’s channel subscribers are eager to admire his strong and enthusiastic reactions.


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