For 17 hours, a deaf dog guarded a lost 3-year-old girl

This story happened in Australia, on the territory of wastelands, where a child got lost. As it later became known, a deaf and old dog named Max was next to her before the arrival of rescuers. The dog guarded the girl for 17 hours.

Aurora is a resident of the state of Queensland, or rather its rural part. This happened the day before the weekend. At three o’clock in the afternoon, she went outside with a pet, a dog, an Australian shepherd breed.

The sky was filled with gray clouds, and then the rain came down. So, when everyone started looking for the baby, the rain had already washed off the baby’s tracks. At night, the search had to be suspended.

And on Saturday, over a hundred volunteers joined the operation. And by 8 a.m. she was safely found. First, the rescuers saw a dog, which led them to a missing person.

Luckily, the girl wasn’t hurt. And Max kept her safe. For this act, the pet was awarded the title of «Honorary Police Dog».

One of the participants in the rescue operation, Yann Phipps, shared information about the search for the child. The area adjacent to Aurora’s house is full of hills and is not intended for walking. So everyone was surprised by the distance the girl had traveled. The search was greatly complicated by the presence of numerous dry shrubs and steep slopes.

Her grandmother also took an active part in the search for the girl. All the way, she called loudly to her granddaughter until she heard her voice in response. First, Max appeared and pointed to the place where the girl was.

Aurora was somewhat frightened by the tears of her family, but they explained to her that they were tears of joy, that all was well.

As we learned, Max is a seventeen-year-old dog who is already hard of hearing and seeing. Aurora and her pet have been friends for a long time. HE spent the whole night warming his little friend with his body.

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