During his leisure time, a boy bathes stray dogs in the hopes that they may be adopted. PHOTO

We are fortunate to be able to deal with the problem of the countless animals who have been abandoned and are looking for new homes. Giving food, water, or even just a simple hug to a stray animal may make a big impact.

Diego, a Brazilian child of 11 years old, took this duty very seriously and came up with an idea. Diego looks for stray dogs in the city, cleans them up, and prepares them for adoption so that other people may take them in. The business first faced a number of challenges, but Diego and his father were able to overcome them quickly.

To maximize the chances that one of the puppies would be adopted, Diego bathes each one before taking great pictures of them.

Diego has already bathed 48 stray animals.

By sending him presents of pet shampoo and other cleaning materials, his entire community has helped him in this. Diego said, “It is a long-lived animal that only wants to show us affection.” He cares deeply about us.

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